Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2013

It has been an awesome idea having and using netbooks in the classroom. Learning has been alot more easier because I am able to do research and find it easier to search for information on the Internet when needed, and play interactive maths games too. I am able to share my work on my blog, use gedit, the webcam, ceate spreadsheets and graphs. Teachers can comment on our work immediately. 

The down side to having a netbook is that sometimes the Internet is slow or not working. Its sometimes takes to long  to load and the tech person only comes once a week.
The interesting thing about netbooks is that I can go on online games, music, webcam, youtube and do our homework.

Netbook is a fantastic tool but some people mis using it.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Inflated Balloon

Can a balloon inflate when heated.
I think that the balloon will inflate  when heated.
A Bowl
A Balloon
Ice Cubes
Hot Water
An empty Soda bottle
1. Place an empty soda bottle in a bowl of ice cubes.
2. After about 10 minutes take the bottle out.
3. Slip a deflated balloon on to the mouth of the bottle.
4. Place the bottle in a bowl of hot water and watch the results.

When the bottle was placed in the cold water the balloon did not inflate but when we put it in the hot water the balloon inflated.
The balloon inflates once the bottle gets hot 
The balloon inflated when the bottle was placed in hot water because the warm air expands. This caused an increase in pressure in the bottle which inflated the balloon.